The 100 Point Wine Rating System And Why I Hate It

The color and characteristic of a wine is derived from the grapes used. In this article, we take a quick look at white wines commonly enjoyed by wine enthusiasts.

Yes, it is a disease according to the American Medical Association. That doesn’t mean we can use the disease concept as an excuse. As alcoholics we remain responsible for the awful things we did when we were in the throes of our active alcoholism. And we’re also responsible now that we’re sober for making reasonable amends and restitution where possible.

My first pairing of this wine involved chicken in a honey, garlic, and soy sauce. The wine was not very flavorful, but during the course of the meal its flavors increased somewhat. Unfortunately the dominant flavor was bubble gum, but there was a light taste of black fruit.

Pinot Grossiste en vin fran├žais Gris Our pick from Oregon’s most widely planted varietal this Pinot Gris is bright and silky delivering a lively mouthful of pear apple melon and floral flavors that persist nicely Wine Spectator points. Pairs great with all the flavors of the holiday season, like turkey, ham, or potato gratin.

Such as the how the vineyard is being manage, the type of soil, how much sun exposure does the plants have, the altitude of the place etc. Since France produces good quality of wine many connoisseur of wine buys French wine to add to their collection.

If you decide to do a wine tasting trying all of the wines that I have suggested, at once, then again, do a ranking of first, second, third and fourth. Do one tasting for the reds and one for the whites. To make the tasting even more fun, cover the label on each bottle and designate a number for that bottle, making sure to note what number corresponds to each wine. This is known as a blind wine tasting, and I think it is the best way to do it. This way your guests are not influenced by seeing the wine labels.

Final verdict. I won’t buy this wine again. I would be very careful before buying another Soave, even one with a much higher price tag. They can do better. But will they?

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