It never fails. People search for cheap tickets broadway musicals, to concerts, sporting events, and other must-attend occasions. When they finally find new york broadway theater tickets they are able to afford, they find out there will be service fees added to the face value of the tickets, suddenly making them not quite as affordable. Not only is this a problem when buying tickets on the primary market, but it’s even more of an issue when purchasing them on the secondary market, where it’s hard to find tickets at face value in the first place.

Fortunately, there are ways to avoid fees associated with purchasing tickets online or via phone. Most people can get away with paying only for the tickets and leaving convenience fees, processing fees and other kinds of fees out of the final price. How do they do it? Here are some tips to help avoid paying fees when buying tickets online or over the telephone.

Do Not Buy Tickets from a Website at the Top of Search Engine Results

This is probably the single best piece of advice for avoiding the fees associated with purchasing tickets online or via phone. When people use a search engine to look for “cheap tickets,” they are given website results that include large ticket sellers that often take advantage of unsuspecting consumers. They show low prices for the tickets, but as soon as the buyer gets to the confirmation page, they are hit with an usually huge fee for the “convenience” of purchasing the tickets through them.

These websites are referred to as “listing websites,” and they do not actually own any tickets that they are advertising on their sites. Instead, they list brokers’ tickets and charge buyers a fee to match the tickets they want with brokers who have them. They are searching for discount broadway show tickets.  Buy Tickets Directly From Ticket Brokersby a few dollars so that when potential buyers compare their prices with other sites’ prices, they look like they have the lowest cost. However, those service and convenience fees added on the end usually push the ticket above asking price by quite a bit.

Ticket brokers buy their tickets from fans and season ticket holders who are unable to attend their events. Their intent is to resell these tickets for more than they paid for them, but of course, this doesn’t always happen because of supply and demand. Since they actually own these mormon show on broadway tickets and have them in hand, they usually do not have to charge any extra fees. They also adjust the prices up or down based on demand.

Before consumers buy their tickets, they should make sure they are buying from a broker instead of a listing company. To determine whether or not a site is a ticket listing company, check to see if the total price includes hefty service charges. If it does, the site is a listing company, and the price is probably not as cheap as it looks. Remember: if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.