Broadway is a lot similar to the airline industry thus making it nearly impossible for anyone to get tickets in advance especially when consumers do not plan to hustle to get them before they are sold out. Just like airline tickets, Broadway tickets can get pricey thus making it a little difficult for some middle and lower class people to get their hands on them. However, purchase broadway tickets, in advance, can eliminate all of this. With that said, this article is going to provide tips on how to buy Broadway tickets in advance.

Search for discount/ promotional codes!
Just like any other show, Broadway also offers codes to consumers enabling them a chance to save hundreds. The thing about discount codes is that consumers will have to search for them online through websites such as TheaterMania and These websites provides consumers a very detailed list of promotional codes for various shows including blockbuster productions such as Hairspray. To get codes from TheaterMania, consumers will need to sign up for an account, which is free. Broadwaybox does not require any registration however; the number of posted codes is limited.

**Use the code when purchasing a ticket directly from the theater box office. This will help avoid paying Telecharge and Ticketmaster fees.

Use a ticket broker
Discount or promotional codes for the most popular  Broadway shows such as Grease and Spring Awakening are hard to come by. The best time to purchase tickets to popular shows is during the slow months. Majority of the time January and February are the slowest month considering the fact that everyone is recovering their funds from Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve. During the slow months, it is likely to come across tickets being resold by highly respected ticket brokers such as Stub Hub and TicketsNow.

Choose to sit on stage
Believe it or not, siting on stage is cheaper than regular seating however onstage is limited so it would be wise to purchase the spot as soon as possible. For instance, the “Spring Awakening” sells 26 onstage seats at every performance for only $31.50 while “Xanadu” sells 22 onstage seats at
$41.50. These seats offer rear or side views of the show and guarantees secure action. The best way to get hold of these seats is by booking them four months in advance through any box office or Telecharge.

Took a chance and now purchasing show broadway tickets in advance. Consider standing
It is possible that consumers are not always lucky to get their ticket in advance, however if standing is not out of the picture it should be considered to get to the show yearned for. Popular shoes are dawned to be sold out and when tickets are gone their gone for that day! In most cases, consumers are lucky enough to get in only if they are willing to stand during the show. These tickets can range from $20 to $30.

To conclude, purchasing Broadway tickets in advance enables consumer to have assurance they will be going to the show they yearn. Doing so will also enable consumers the possibility of getting their tickets at cheaper rates.